Documentaries students should watch.

5. Rich Hill  Students should watch the documentary Rich Hill because it represents the struggle small towns all around the world have to deal with. It showed how three kids struggled to be successful in school due to poverty.

4. Chasing Ice Students should watch the documentary Chasing Ice because it gives people the understanding on how global warming effect the earth.

3.  The Interrupters Students should watch the documentary The Interrupters because it demonstrates how to stop violence in Chicago and really how bad the violence is.

2. Sound And Fury Students should watch the documentary Sound and Fury because it gives two different perspectives of if they should peruse implants for their deaf child.

1. Into The Abyss Students should watch the documentary Into The Abyss because it shows two perspectives which are should the death penalty be abolished or should it stay.

Pro Con Prescription Drug

Even though prescription have there pros there is plenty of cons that go with prescription drugs. For example if you have a prescription for Oxycontin but the side effects that come with Oxycontin will cause you to take other prescription drug to eliminate that side effect. On the other hand if you have to take a drug for pain relief like after a surgery that drug will help you out as long as you take the certain amount that is prescribed to you. The problem is that people think just cause the prescription drug has their name on it they can take as many as they want because they know they can go back and get more. Also advertising has a lot to do with people being addicted to prescription drugs.  The reason why it plays a part is because when they see it on TV they believe that the drug is good for them and believe that they will not get addicted. I believe that prescription drug are good if used right. For example if you need the prescription drug is need to relief pain and you use it only for the time it tells you to use it for. On the other side if you get the pills for pain and you start to use them even though you don’t need them anymore which causes you to get addicted to the drug. Do you believe that prescription drugs should be harder to get? Should it be harder to get refills on prescription drugs?


What is your social issue? The social issue that I chose was abortion.

Why is it such a social issue?  What do people disagree about in relation to this topic? Abortion is a social issue because many people believe that abortion should be illegal because its killing innocent adolescents. Also people think that abortions are to expensive, especially if you want to get one in your second trimester. 

What is your proposed solution?  Why do you think this is the best solution? My proposed solution is that the abortion policy should stay the same because all in all it is your choice if you are willing to deal with the psychological part of having a abortion.

What are pros to your solution? The pros of my solution is that nobody will have issues with abortion because they know that if it was them in that situation abortion would at least cross there mind.

What are cons to your solution? The cons of my solution is that it will always be relatively expensive and people are always going to be against it.

Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic? (Need to post at least 2 questions) Do you believe abortion should be legal? Is the price of abortion to expensive


Social Issues (Deporting Immigrants if they commit a serious crime)

I chose a topic that mostly everyone agrees with. The topic is Should immigrants be deported if they commit a serious crime? No matter the race, majority said that immigrants should be deported if they commit a serious crime, the percentages for all of the races were around 85 to 15. In Illinois the percentage was relatively the same to all the race percentages, which was 82 to 18. In Chicago the percentages were around the same as everything else, the percentage was 86 to 14. The democrat party was still towards deporting them but the percentages were closer than the others, the percentage was 75 to 25. The republican party was strictly towards deporting them the percentage was 95 to 5. The libertarians party went back to being close to all of the race percentages, the percentage is 81 to 19. The green party was closer to the democrat party in percentage. The green party percentage was 78 to 22. The constitution party were also relativity close to the the race percentages, the percentage was 87 to 13. The socialist were the closest out of all them. The percentage was 58 to 42. The working families were highly towards yes, the percentage was 93 to 7. Once again the veterans were highly towards yes, the percentage was 96 to 4. People that make less than 25k are towards yea, the percentage was 85 to 15.